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How To: Turn Off Your Insta-Brain


In the world of technology, Facebook, and Instagram, it can be tough to turn off, log out, and decompress. We all (me included) get caught up in what people “like”, who people are “following”,  and what angle would be best for a selfie.  Being active is definitely one of the best ways to break away from our blinding computer screens, but I would take it even farther than that.

Recently, I went on an amazing camping trip to one of the most beautiful and breath-taking places on the planet, Yosemite National Park. It was a four day, no cell phone trip and I made sure of it.

Here are a few tips on how I broke away from my phone and made sure it stayed away.

1. Bring an actual CAMERA

Wow, who would have thought of that. haha. If you have a regular point-and-shoot, or a nice DSLR, bring it along! That way, you can still document the adventures you go on without feeling the need to post them right away.

2. Lock your phone in your glove box of your car

Thats right, lock it up! When you physically put away your phone and turn the key, it is a lot more effort to get it out.  So if you do try, you’ll be more aware of what you doing, rather than mindless self-indulgence.

3. Take a deep breath and look around

This may seem silly but in today’s world we often forget to do the most simple of things. It took me about a day and a half to finally relax and stop thinking for once. I sat atop the most beautiful waterfall I had ever seen and appreciated every last minute of it.

Take in the beauty of the world around you, because the only person that matters in that moment is you.