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Top 7 Fitness Fashion Trends of 2015

Tennis Fashion Trends of 2015
  1. Mesh/Sheer Fabrics: Mesh is no longer delicate. This year countless brands are utilizing the lattice material to playfully show skin. High-quality materials allow for you to tantalize the crowd without worry about a snag.
  2. Leather: Although we don’t recommend donning a leather mini court-side, subtle accents of the material can be used to add dimension to your attire. Think: leather pinstripe down your sleeve or leather side paneling to create a color blocking effect.
  3. Eye-Catching Florals: The ultimate girlie girl meets nature lover patterns are emerging this spring. This can be seen in bright color popping colors or subdued aquamarine shades. For instant happiness, pair a floral piece top with a neutral white, tan or black bottom.
  4. Crop Tops: Ever wanted to bare your midsection without scrutiny? Here’s your chance…crop tops are taking the fashion world by storm and are playfully being used in the fitness world. If you’re not ready to bare it all, why not try layering a crop top over a tank for added warmth?
  5. Ruffles: These layers of tousled textiles are seen in nearly every line this season. They are fantastic because they help you add volume and accentuate your most desired asset. Create cleavage by adding ruffles to your bust or add some curves utilizing a frilly skirt.
  6. All-White/All-Neutral: Utilizing all of one color allows you to play with shaping and asymmetrical hemlines. When others are full of color, you can embody simplicity and grace.
  7. 70s: Hike up your skirt and tuck in your shirt to bring back the retro look. Look for a skirt with a longer hemline and a shirt that hugs the body. Make sure you channel your inner Chrissie and don’t forget to have your hubby pull out his vintage Fila short shorts.