Cheers To The New Year!

alex walking

Happy New Year! Happy new beginnings! Happy resolutions and happy remembering what’s important in our lives. 

It is now that special time of year where nearly everyone in the world is looking at their life like a fresh start. This surreal feeling is a blessing to us as human-beings because we can begin new adventures in our life that we might have been “too busy” or “too afraid” to start any other time of the year before this moment.

But hold on to your horses, with all exciting adventures, there are steps to take in order to prepare yourself for the journey. It is said that only 8% of New Year’s Resolutions stick. So, if you really want to make a difference in your life this year, the real key is planning for the next year as it will most likely be an uphill battle. Don’t get discouraged though, this battle is a part of making yourself a more content self in the future.

If your goal is getting fitter, then find other friends, family members, co-workers or mentors that can help support you through your transformation. (tip: make sure these people help you and don’t hurt you. Be supportive and be supported)

Make a real and attainable goal, but not a goal that spans the whole year. Start looking out a couple months ahead and then, once you get to that goal, set another one.

Realize that a habit takes time to break, so if you slip up just a tiny bit, don’t allow yourself to roll all the way back down. Just dust off those boots and start up the hill again. Different articles will say that it takes 21 days to break a habit and 60 to form one, but from experience, I believe every person is different.

Being a person who tends to reject habits, it is more of the drive behind the motion. So if you are like me, add some kick to your resolution, something to look forward to. If you are person who can’t handle restrictions, then don’t restrict yourself, add more to your life instead. Every time I try to take something away from myself (like gluten, carbs, sweets) I go crazy, literally crazy. As my mom says, seem to float four inches off the ground in unhappiness. Instead, I have to look at my eating habits in a more broad way. “Eat healthy” is my mantra. Simple, sweet, and to the point. No restrictions, just accountability.

Make it FUN! For instance, I will create a dream board of things I want to accomplish. But make sure it’s a healthy dream board. (Hanging pictures of things that make you hate yourself doesn’t help in the slightest. )

This is your life and you’ve only got one. If your goal in life is running (or walking) a marathon, then make go for it! Be ready for obstacles, be ready for off days, and do what you can to surround yourself with the right people, places, and energy so that you can accomplish everything that you want. One step at a time, you can do it!

Happy Climbing My Friends!

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