Is Uniqlo Taking A Share of The Men’s Clothing Marketplace?


Over the last few years, men’s on court fashion has seen a shift from the traditional sporting brands to now incorporate the more fashion trendy names that are not usually associated with sporting attire. One such brand is Uniqlo. This Japanese company has made a huge splash in the tennis world by landing an endorsement deal with Novak Djokovic. Additionally, Uniqlo have sufficiently taken care of the Asian tennis market by boasting the extremely popular Kei Nishikori in its arsenal of athletes. Uniqlo was founded upon the idea of creating unique clothes for all. Expanding into the tennis market allows the brand to expand upon its wide-ranging portfolio. Uniqlo’s presence on tour is also extremely positive for tennis. Brands such as Nike and Adidas are forced to keep their own lines fresh, innovative and fashion forward in order to keep its market share in the tennis world.

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