Monreal London: Paving The Way For Tennis High-Fashion

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In our transition from typical sports wear to beautiful athletic ensembles, we are seeing the emergence of elegance and artistic expression. The dawn of SportsLux (Sportwear meshed with Luxury textiles) is upon us and we know the quintessential line that you should examine first.

Monreal London Spring 2015A specifically fashion forward brand, Monreal London, is paving the way for sexy, high-fashion tennis apparel, and I can’t help but sigh in contentment.  Their sleek designs hone in a catwalk flare, while still using undeniably soft and sweat-wicking materials. 

Monreal London Spring 2015 Donning gold appliqués, bold lines, and classic white back drops, this line creates a distinct style that beacons to every high-class tennis-ista on grass, clay, or hard court. 

Monreal London’s designs allow you to show off your assets. If you love a tight fit that hugs your curves and accents female allure, I would highly recommend this brand for you!

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