Top 7 Fitness Fashion Trends of 2015

Tennis Fashion Trends of 2015
  1. Mesh/Sheer Fabrics: Mesh is no longer delicate. This year countless brands are utilizing the lattice material to playfully show skin. High-quality materials allow for you to tantalize the crowd without worry about a snag.
  2. Leather: Although we don’t recommend donning a leather mini court-side, subtle accents of the material can be used to add dimension to your attire. Think: leather pinstripe down your sleeve or leather side paneling to create a color blocking effect.
  3. Eye-Catching Florals: The ultimate girlie girl meets nature lover patterns are emerging this spring. This can be seen in bright color popping colors or subdued aquamarine shades. For instant happiness, pair a floral piece top with a neutral white, tan or black bottom.
  4. Crop Tops: Ever wanted to bare your midsection without scrutiny? Here’s your chance…crop tops are taking the fashion world by storm and are playfully being used in the fitness world. If you’re not ready to bare it all, why not try layering a crop top over a tank for added warmth?
  5. Ruffles: These layers of tousled textiles are seen in nearly every line this season. They are fantastic because they help you add volume and accentuate your most desired asset. Create cleavage by adding ruffles to your bust or add some curves utilizing a frilly skirt.
  6. All-White/All-Neutral: Utilizing all of one color allows you to play with shaping and asymmetrical hemlines. When others are full of color, you can embody simplicity and grace.
  7. 70s: Hike up your skirt and tuck in your shirt to bring back the retro look. Look for a skirt with a longer hemline and a shirt that hugs the body. Make sure you channel your inner Chrissie and don’t forget to have your hubby pull out his vintage Fila short shorts.

Life As A Mountain Range

It wouldn’t be life if there weren’t any mountains to climb. Sometimes I wonder when I’m finally going to be able to get to the top of the one I am hiking up. It can be so exhausting that all the energy I have left is used in the tears that fall on the dirt beneath my feet. I feel like I can no longer move on and the way I came seems like such an easier way to go.
But then, just as I am about to turn around and head back the way I came, a slight breeze breathes against my face and it makes me aware of where I truly am. I am in the middle of an amazing journey, it is called life. The cool air dries my tears on my face and I can finally begin to breathe again.
Life is a mountain range. If you decide to stop climbing, then you are choosing to give up on the opportunities life has set ahead for you. If you choose to stop working hard and give up, then you are wasting the only time you have on this beautiful planet. There is day and night for a reason, it give each person the opportunity to start again every time we welcome the sun’s rays onto our faces. I just hope that I will be able to feel them from the top of this mountain. I hope that I will sweat, work, climb, and cry all the way to the top, because when I finally get to the top, for just a moment, I will be at complete and utter peace.

Men’s Fashion Can Be Just As Unique As Womens

Adidas Men's Spring Barricade Climachill Crew

When one thinks about men’s sport, fashion is not usually a word that closely follows along. Team sports are confined to uniformity of the colors and designs of a team or franchise. For example, we can always associate the Lakers with purple and gold or the New York Yankees with its iconic blue pinstripes. However, in an individual sport such as tennis, clothing companies and athletes themselves can put together an ensemble that has no restrictions. Continue reading

Tennis Runway Episode One: Making Waves

Tennis Runway Episode 1 Catalog: January Episode

To kick off the New Year, one in three Americans create resolutions for a new beginning. In 2014, the top 5 resolutions involved losing weight, getting fit, and living a healthy life style. Committing oneself to new goals, styles, and thought processes are made that much easier with apparel brands that not only inspire you but also make you feel like a champion.   The Australian Open is the ultimate platform for a fresh and vibrant start to the New Year. Wozniacki, Ivanovic and Jankovic are our trendsetters for the 2015 season. This episode showcases not only the washing away of last years lost resolutions, but also evoking the renewed fresh fashion of this upcoming season.


5 Products Every Tennis-ista Can’t Live Without

Inphorm Spring 2015

Elta MD UV Clear Sunscreen SPF 46:

This sunscreen acts more like a moisturizer and won’t sting your eyes when you sweat on court. It goes on clear so you can easily wear makeup over it and receive full sun protection. Added Bonus: added niacinamide makes it so you stay blemish free and reduce discoloration.

Illuminare  Concealing Mineral Foundation:

This is the ultimate product for creating a flawless face that won’t melt while you’re playing. This product does wonders to cover blemishes, dark spots and under eye circles. It also includes SPF 20 for added anti-aging benefits.

It’s a 10 Miracle Leave In Product:

After an intense match you can find your hair in knots. This detangling spray is full of moisture and will help bring life back to your hair. For athletes that wear hats/visors (which can damage the hair around your face), I recommend spraying the crown of your head before heading on the court for extra breakage protection.

Lizard Lips Natural Lip Balm:

This is the best lip balm on the market due to its delicious taste, smell and SPF coverage (22%). Sooth, moisturize and protect your lips with almond, grape, sweet almond, coconut and aloe vera oil. Both you and your mixed doubles partner can enjoy the subtle scent/taste of vanilla and coconut.

Aveeno Ultra-Calming Makeup Removing Wipes:

These wipes keep your skin clear and free from bacteria post workout sweat sessions. Using gentle chamomile, they are fantastic for soothing sensitive skin and gently removing makeup. With a resealable pouch, stick them in your tennis bag and use every time you finish a match.


Be Fierce To Be Match Ready

Sierra tennis

There have been thousands of articles, books, and blogs written about how to “get ready” for a game or competition. Articles with titles like, Get Pumped With The Right Pumped Up Music or Be Ready BEFORE You Step On To The Court. And yet, we still find ourselves starting slow, feeling sluggish, and just not quite into the game we are playing. Before you know it, you’re down and clawing for your life. We all feel alive then, but what is the real key to getting ready before you step foot on the court?

Continue reading

Tennis Runway Episode 2: Channel Your Inner Gladiator

The Ellison Sisters Tennis Runway February Catalog Channel Your Inner Gladiator

The crossover between fashion and sports has been building for the past few years. We have even seen a couture sneaker revolution, which is a growing trend because of the high value of sports in society. Since the feminist movements of the 60’s, women have been exposing their internal and external power for the entire world to see.

Newer tennis brands are taking the market by storm because of their fashion forward, sleek designs. Making them alluring, interesting, and wearable all at the same time. Their cuts and lines make women feel fierce and fabulous on and off the court. Venus Williams, designer of Eleven, hand sketches her patterns and designs. Her line embodies her competitive spirit enmeshed with her feminine mystique.

This episode is the visual representation of “Vogue”…the modus operandi of a true Queen of the Court.